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Christian got a recommendation from a friend

“I got this idea to go study in Europe about 2 months before I actually came. It has been a journey, since I had difficulties adjusting to the weather changes, but not it is just better. Much better. It is really nice here”

- Christian

Michael got a link from his brother

“I set this plan of going for studies abroad back when I was in university in my country. It took me only about a month for the whole process before getting here. And here it was a bit weird as I had to get used to the weather and all, but so far it has been wonderful”

- Michael

Adeyinka couldn't believe how easy it was

“I couldn't believe that it took only 3 months. The application process was very very easy. They only requested the documents, I sent them to them and within 3 months here I am: good university, good lecturers, friendly people”

- Adeyinka

Leonard always dreamt of studying in Europe

“I always had this dream of studying in Europe. I started planning it right after I got my degree in Nigeria. And when you think of the process, it takes only 3 months. I recommend everybody to come study in Europe. I am really happy here”

- Leonard

Babatunde had this idea for 10 years

“I have actually started thinking of studying in Europe for like 10 years now. And I left for Europe only a couple of years ago. Travel is definitely some sort of education. I am learning every day at the university as well as from the culture. Highly recommended”

- Babatunde

Nathesh chose Europe for Masters

“I did my bachelors in India and I have decided to do my masters here. There are so many possibilities here, so many countries and cultures, so Europe was my destination. I haven’t seen winter, it was really beautiful to see”

- Nathesh

Josemaria always looked toward Europe

“Unlike my peers, I’ve always looked toward Europe, while my friends would think of the US. I chose the home of a thousand cultures. Even though I have been thinking of it for about 5 years, the process itself took long - about 6 months, as I had issues getting some of the documents. To sum it up, my experience has been overwhelmingly awesome”

- Josemaria